Indo Global Education Batch launch in Aug 2015 Navitas

University Transfer Program – Eligibility Criteria




Academic Eligibility

·       Completion of 10+2 (Year 12 – AISCC, CBSE, ICSE) with an average score of at least 55% in four academic subjects including English.

·       Other State equivalent boards are also accepted 

·       2 passes in GCE A-levels or
1 A-level and 2 AS-levels

·       Other qualifications may be considered for entry into the Program on a case-by-case basis, as determined by Indo Education, after consultation with Navitas.


English Proficiency requirement



GCE-O Level Grade C

Colleges & University

Selected Partner Colleges and Universities in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore. UK and USA TBC; Not recognised in Canada.

Course Duration

4 Months


Students are required to successfully pass all 4 units and satisfy the entry criteria at the relevant Navitas Collegeto qualify for entryinto the corresponding course.Exemptions available are dependent on individual colleges.