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Featured Story - ITP Testimonial Story

Students praise new programme aimed at gaining access to foreign universities

"I chose to study the Diploma of Hotel Management at QIBT as Griffith University is one of the best universities in Queensland and is famous all over the world. Before coming to QIBT, I worked for three years as a hotel manager in my home town in India. I think my study at QIBT is an excellent stepping stone in helping me to achieve my ambition. The Diploma of Hotel Management was one of the main reasons I found a part-time job in Brisbane. I applied for a job as a food and beverage attendant at David Jones, one of Australia’s biggest and most prestigious Department stores. They were so impressed that I was studying at QIBT that they hired me. This job combined with my degree will look excellent on my resume, should I continue to work in Australia or return to India. I have found the Diploma program very informative and practical. All in all I would certainly recommend students to come to QIBT and Griffith University to study. "

Jatinder Singh
Diploma of Hotel Management
Bachelor of Business (Event Management)
Career ambition: General Manager of a 5 star hotel

"Before coming to Australia I studied about all the universities in detail. I found that Griffith University offers good programs with lots of options to select. Also I came to know from previous students that the education standard of Griffith University is good and so I decided to study Master of Engineering in Engineering Management from Griffith University. In my final year of this program I attended career fair in Griffith University and I applied in couple of companies including Fulton Hogan which specialises in Road Constructions and Civil Constructions. Back in India I had good experience in Road Construction works. So they gave me a chance to work as a Graduate Engineer. And hence, I would say both factors helped me to get employment in Australia. It’s very good if you want to study further here in Australia from universities like Griffith University. You will definitely enjoy your studies and will definitely gain lots of knowledge by coming here for further study. I wish all the best to all of them. Future for the Engineers is really very good. "

Parag Shah

"I have never once had a lecturer or a tutor at QIBT who has not been friendly, or approachable. You can choose to email them, call them or make appointments and they will respond to all. Its amazing how the staff at QIBT treat every one of their students as one of their own children looking out for them at every stage, guiding them and making sure they are on the right track, making sure they are successful and most of all making sure that they manage to complete their pathway to Griffith University as soon as possible! "

Ranveer Harsh Mandelia
(Mumbai, INDIA)

"Hi, my name is Yohann. I came to Australia to study Hotel Management at QIBT. QIBT is located on the Griffith University campus. QIBT offers a wonderful learning and academic environment The campus offers many learning resources and also great sporting and recreational facilities. The staff here, have been extremely helpful and the teachers are very understanding and go out of their way to help the students should they require any extra attention. I plan to complete my Bachelor Degree in Hotel Management and look forward to many more good times during my study in Brisbane. I would definitely advise any prospective student to live and study in Brisbane at QIBT."

Yohann Jamsandekar
(Mumbai, INDIA)

“I came to MIBT as it provided me the best pathway back into my study as I wasn’t able to finish my senior high school. When I was planning to study in Australia, I looked up many universities and colleges which would have a course for High-school leaver like me. So I ended up short-listing a few colleges including MIBT. Then I decided MIBT as it had the best reviews regarding the study experience and entry into the second-year of a great University like Deakin. Entry into Deakin University was also a big advantage of studying at MIBT. MIBT really prepared me for Deakin as it taught me what exactly is a University level experience, but still supporting me and helping me whenever I needed help. My overall experience at MIBT was just awesome. I still love coming back to MIBT to meet my lecturers, staff and friends whenever I get free time, from my busy schedule of study and work. I would surely recommend MIBT to everyone. It gives you the best experience which you would really like to have on coming to Australia."

Vaibhav Raura
Course: Certificate IV in Tertiary preparation Programme in Business leading into Diploma of Commerce,
Currently studying Bachelor of Commerce (majoring in Accounting and Finance) and expected completion is June 2015