Indo Global Education Batch launch in Aug 2015 Navitas

Our Methodology

Program Delivery

TAP is offered on full time basis in India. Students can enrol in any of the three intakes as per their convenience. Both of these are 4 months duration. If a student wants to do both TAP and UTP together, the duration is 8 months.

Each 4 months will have the following sequence of delivery -

· Week 1 – orientation

· Weeks 2 to 13 – Teaching/Classes

· Week 14 - exams

· Weeks 15 and 16 – break

Teaching Methodology

The approach combines theory with practice. Classroom learning is highly participative and interactive involving tutorials and workshops. The use of contemporary examples in teaching helps student to develop fundamental skills and creative thinking.

There will be four units in each program. Each unit is scheduled for a 4 hour timeslot consisting of 2 hour lecture, 1 hour tutorial and 1 hour workshop.


The curriculum emphasises the development of student’s skills and abilities to apply theories and concepts practically. The lectures aim to nurture the competencies of the students and facilitate them with independent learning skills so important for success in overseas colleges.

The lectures also enable students to think laterally, generate ideas/solutions and develop their disciplinary skills.

Tutorials and Discussions

The teaching pedagogy revolves around “student involvement”. This enables an interactive and participative environment for discussions and tutorials. The classroom learning becomes lively with case studies, exercises, role plays and live examples. There is a one-to-one student discussions on current affairs, opportunities overseas, specialisations of subject, course curriculum etc.


Tutorials/workshops are used to assist students in the application of concepts presented in lectures through problem solving exercises and class discussions. Assignments provide students with the opportunity to develop knowledge through individual research.


The method of assessment may differ depending on the course and subjects. Most subjects will be assessed through a combination of written examinations, assignments, essay, presentations, group–based projects, seminars and tutorial participation. Some coursework will include practical activities. It is mandatory to attend minimum 80% of course contact hours, as per Navitas regulations.