Indo Global Education Batch launch in Aug 2015 Navitas

Our Partnership

Indo Global Education, in collaboration with Navitas, is offering unique Study Abroad Programs, for duration of 4 full time study, enabling students to get admission, via a Navitas college, to the courses of their choice from a selection of renowned overseas universities. Indo Global Education is the only Institute in India to provide University Transfer Program and Tertiary Access Program for Navitas in India.

Somani Group believes that globalization has created new and exciting challenges. There is a need to create a pool of business leaders to succeed in a globally competitive environment. Now, the group through Indo Global Education is poised to set up world class centers pan India in collaboration with Navitas in order to cater to the aspirations of the student community to go abroad and gain from global education. This collaboration will not only open the doors to globalization but also help the students to study in a clean, safe, friendly and relaxed cosmopolitan environment. This will also provide the opportunity for students at India Center to benefit from internationally recognized quality education.

Committed to impart world class quality education, Indo Global Education has been established with a vision to transform the conventional way of approaching international education. In order to accomplish its mission, Indo Global Education is collaborating with Navitas to offer unique Study Abroad Programs

Navitas is an internationally recognized education provider of a range of academic programs both in Australia and overseas. Navitas provides Indo Education Pvt. Ltd. with their program structure, teaching /learning method and material. The pattern of study, assessments, assignments, projects and examinations reflect those used in Navitas Colleges .