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Featured Story - Pooja Parmar


Having entered into an exciting tie-up with Navitas, Indo Global Education is looking to revolutionize the foreign education scenario in India. Under the Pathway programs – which will be launched in July this year - students with even average scores, but much rounded personalities, will have as good a chance of getting through a prestigious college or university abroad. For this purpose, Indo Global Education, through their short duration programs, have already established partnerships with 15 well-known universities across Australia, Singapore, UK and US. Here are excerpts of an interview with Ms. Pooja Parmar, General Manager, Indo Global Education, on how students can get an ‘edge’.

Q. What is the purpose of introducing the pathway programs in India?

Ms. Parmar - There is a big market for overseas education. Pathway was conceived as an enabling program for students who do not possesses formal qualification or whose academic qualifications do not satisfy the minimum entry requirements for admission to university study. Programs are aimed at achieving for Indian Students what the Navitas-Pathways programme has done for thousands of students across the globe. As of now, there is no Pathways programme available in India.

Q. What makes going through a pathway more beneficial as compared to applying directly?

Ms. Parmar – Every student has a target country/ university/ college at the back of his or her mind. But each country, university, and college has its own set of specifications and thrust areas for students. The University Transfer Program are designed to align the student to his/ her target college. This is very important for students of varying calibre; whether you are great in academics or average or even below par. The 4 month program builds on your English Language skills as well. It is designed to assess academic potential and to provide a realistic environment within which students can develop the skills to manage tertiary study effectively. We have worked out a unique model under which, students enrolling for our programs are likely to save as much as 80% of the total cost incurred for studying abroad. After successfully completing 4 additional units at a Navitas college, students can then enter Year 2 of the partner university degree .

Q. Tell us something about the network of countries and universities, which become accessible to a student when he/she opts for the UTP?

Ms. Parmar – Our partner company, Navitas is a leading global education provider of pre-university and university programs, English language courses, migrant education and settlement services, creative media education, student recruitment and corporate training services. There are currently more than 80,000 Navitas students across a network of over 120 colleges and campuses in27countries. With a choice of exciting multicultural study destinations, our students have the chance to experience the beaches and rainforests of Australia, the mountains and the cultural heritage of the UK or the diverse landscape of the USA.

Q. What kind of controlled education would UTP be providing in its 4 months’ sessions, in terms of classroom environment, faculty, tools and technology to be used, etc.?

Ms. Parmar – The University Transfer Programme (UTP) is designed to prepare students for university-level study in the areas of Business and Commerce. 4 months will have the following sequence of delivery -

• Week 1 – orientation

• Weeks 2 to 13 – Teaching/Classes

• Week 14 - exams

• Weeks 15 and 16 – break

The approach combines theory with practice. Classroom learning is highly participative and interactive involving tutorials and workshops. The use of contemporary examples in teaching helps student to develop fundamental skills and creative thinking.

There will be four units in each program. Each unit is scheduled for a 4 hour timeslot consisting of 2 hour lecture, 1 hour tutorial and 1 hour workshop.

Q. What is the process of enrolling for the UTP, and when does the student get to know about the offer letter from the foreign university?

Ms. Parmar – We are already taking applications for the UTP. You can get the details on our website. Complete the Application form, attach attested photocopies of X and XII mark sheet, and other documents like a Character Certificate from School, School leaving certificate, Address Proof, Passport size photograph, Valid Passport copy. Those who’ve appeared for IELTS / TOEFL will need to submit their test results. Those with prior Work Experience should also submit relevant employment details.

If your application is successful you will receive an offer letter from Indo Global Education to study ITP. A Packaged Conditional Offer Letter from the respective Navitas College and/or Partner University will accompany this. It will explain the course that has been offered, the fees payable, conditions to be met (if any), orientation details and course commencement dates. A Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) or equivalent will be issued after all the conditions specified in your Offer Letter have been met and accepted by the Navitas College.

Q. Any message to UTP aspirants?

Ms. Parmar – I know that quite a few of you have been waiting for a life-changing opportunity like UTP. Many generations have gone by that have aspired to study abroad but have not been able to do so. This initiative by Indo Global Education prepares you to meet the requisite standards, with the full confidence that you will be accepted by your dream University in a country abroad. International Transfer Program is based on the rich & proven experience of our partner Navitas. This makes our program very stimulating and enriching.

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Pooja Parmar,

GM – Indo Global Education