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University Transfer program (UTP)

The University Transfer program (UTP) provides students with a perspective of business processes and fundamental business skills.

The course consists of 4 units of study. Students who successfully complete the UTP will transfer to their selected Navitas College in to a Business/Commerce Diploma level course to complete the remaining 4 units. Successful completion enables students to transfer to the 2nd year of the Bachelor degree of the partner university.



ACC1100D Accounting

ECF1151D Quantitative and Statistical Techniques for Business

MAN1100D Management

MKT1600D Marketing Principles and Practices



ACC1100D – Accounting

This introductory unit is designed to help students understand, prepare and use financial reports such as a balance sheet, income statement and statement of cash flow. It covers arrange of financial and managerial accounting issues with an appropriate mix of theory and practice.


ECF1151D – Quantitative and Statistical Techniques for Business

This unit introduces the fundamentals of quantitative and statistical techniques of business, finance and economics. Students use basic quantitative / mathematical tools to better analyse problems in business environments; understand the value and limitations of financial and statistical approaches to business decision making.


MAN1100D – Management

This unit provides an introduction to fundamental management concepts and principles. It also covers the evolution of management theory and examines arrange of different approaches to the study of management. A detailed analysis of management function is conducted, exploring current management practices.


MKT1600D – Marketing Principles and Practices

This unit introduces principles/concepts of marketing that encompass the marketing planning process, marketing environment, consumer behaviour, market segmentation, and marketing mix elements. The unit’s major feature is the trimester-long marketing plan project based on a marketing case.


Methods of assessment

Methods of assessment may differ depending on the course and subjects. Most subjects will be assessed through a combination of written examinations and assignments, essays, presentations, seminars and tutorial participation. Some coursework will include group-based projects and practical activities. At the beginning of each unit, students are given an outline that includes due dates for the completion of assignments. Students who fail to meet these submission deadlines may

be penalised even though the work was completed. Attending all classes is essential in order to be successful.


Note: in Australia, International students must study 3 or 4 units per semester.