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Tertiary Access Program (TAP)

The Tertiary Access Program (TAP) is a recognised pre-university level course and is designed to prepare students for university level study in the areas of Business and Commerce.

The TAP is designed to transition students who do not have the necessary academic background fordirect entry into the University Transfer Program (UTP).

The course consists of 4 units of study. Students who successfully complete the Tertiary Access Program will qualify for entry into the UTP or entry to a selectedNavitas College in to a Diploma level Business/Commerce course.



BUS100A Accounting

BUS105A Statistics

BUS108A Management

BUS109A Marketing

BUS100A – Accounting

This unit will provide students with an introduction to basic procedures and principles of accounting and acquaint them with its function in business and non-trading enterprises.

BUS105A – Statistics

This unit is concerned with developing statistical concepts, specifically skills/knowledge required to collect/present numerical data and the analysis and interpretation of this numerical data.

BUS108A – Management

This unit aims to provide students with an introductory understanding of the basic skills in managerial principles and practices in the modern world.

BUS109A – Marketing

This unit will provide students within introductory understanding of important marketing principles and concepts in an increasingly competitive marketing environment. It embraces changes unfolding for the marketing environment.

Methods of assessment

Methods of assessment may differ depending on the course and subjects. Most subjects will be assessed through a combination of written examinations and assignments, essays, presentations, seminars and tutorial participation. Some coursework will include group-based projects and practical activities. At the beginning of each unit, students are given an outline that includes due dates for the completion of assignments. Students who fail to meet these submission deadlines may be penalised even though the work was completed. Attending all classes is essential in order to be successful.

Note: In Australia, International students must study 3 or 4 units per semester.