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Studying abroad gives you the cutting edge advantage

Studying in a foreign country has several benefits, including the opportunity to learn a new language, absorb a different culture and see the world in a new light. And of course, there are the career advantages.

Stacie Berdan, an International careers expert and co-author of the book A Student Guide to Study Abroad believes that in today’s global world, employers look at study-abroad experiences favourably. She also says that there is a lot of growth in markets outside America, and if you have studied abroad it shows that you can adapt to different environments.

There are several obstacles that one might experience with study-abroad setups, including academic requirements and graduate school entrance exams. But the experience is worth the effort because you get the much needed advantage in the competitive job market.

You can also make the most of the tips offered by experts to optimize your study abroad experience. It all begins with choosing the right destination and time to study abroad. There are many students who are going to study in destinations that have the potential for economic growth. That strategy makes a lot of sense in the current scenario. According to experts, Asia is a desirable destination because over the next five years over 50% of global growth will come from the continent.

Those who have already studied abroad need to transfer that experience into establishing themselves as desirable job candidates. Irrespective of where you have studied, you need to let employers know how it has benefited you and how you bring that ‘something extra’ to the table. Of course, there are the tangible skills, like knowledge of a new language, and specific skills, but you also have to express the “soft skills”, which include adaptability and greater confidence. Employers look for candidates who have problem-solving abilities – study-abroad experience fits with it nicely.

Whatever the size and location of an organization might be, these are the skills that will appeal to employers. And that’s how your study-abroad experience can work to your advantage.