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Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL®) is a standardized test accepted widely all over the world, in more than 9000 colleges, universities, agencies, institutions such as government agencies, licensing bodies, businesses and scholarship programs in 130 countries. It is developed and administered by the US based ‘Educational Testing Service’ (ETS).

The test is administered through the internet (TOEFL iBT® test), however, it is also available as a paper-based test in select areas where internet-based test is not available. The test measures a student’s ability to use and understand English language at the university level. It evaluates a student’s listening, reading, speaking and writing skills to perform academic tasks. The test is typically taken by

  • Students planning to study at a higher education institution
  • English-language learning program admissions and exit
  • Scholarship and certification candidates
  • English-language learners who want to track their progress
  • Students and workers applying for visas

TOEFL iBT® lasts for about 3.5 hours and follows the structure given below:

 Section Duration Question/Tasks
 Reading 60-100 min 36-70
 Listening 60-90 min 34-51
 Speaking 20 min 6 tasks
 Writing 50 min 2 tasks

 Section Question Types Scoring
 Reading 3-5 passages from academic texts; approx 700 word long with 12-14 questions per passage. 0-30
 Listening 4-6 lectures, each 3-5 min long; 6 questions each. 2-3 conversations, each 3 minutes long; 5 questions each. 0-30
 Speaking 2 tasks to express an opinion ona a topic; 4 tasks to speak based on what is read and listened to 0-30
 Writing 1 task to write based on what is read or listened to; 1 task to support an opinion on a topic. 0-30

TOEFL iBT® offers more than 50 test dates every year in 4,500 test centers in 165 countries. The test fee ranges from US$160 to US$250, depending on the country you are taking the test in. A student may appear for test as many times as she wishes, however, the test may not be repeated within 12 days. The registration for TOEFL iBT® can be done online. Click here to register.

For information on registration, fees, test dates, locations and formats, select your test location.

TOEFL scores are awarded for each of the tested skills – Reading, Listening, Speaking, Writing, in the range of 0-30. The scores do not indicate passing or failing, they are a measure of the competency. However, individual higher education institutions and agencies set their own score requirements. It is mandatory for the candidate to answer at least one question each in the Reading and Listening sections, write at least one essay, and complete at least one Speaking task to receive an official score. TOEFL scores are valid for 2 years.

TOEFL® Score Scales

 Skill Score Range Level
 Reading 0–30 High (22–30)
Intermediate (15–21)
Low (0–14)
 Listening 0–30 High (22–30)
Intermediate (15–21)
Low (0–14)
 Speaking 0–30 score scale Good (26–30)
Fair (18–25)
Limited (10–17)
Weak (0–9)
 Writing 0–30 score scale Good (24–30)
Fair (17–23)
Limited (1–16)
 Total Score 0–120

Indo Global offers Classroom Coaching for TOEFL test to enable the students to reach their desired academic goal. Qualified instructors work closely with each student, helping them find their potential and bridge gaps identified during coaching.