Indo Global Education Batch launch in Aug 2015 Navitas

Tertiary Access Program (TAP): A Pathway to International Universities
(4 months Program)

The TAP program is an enabling program for students whose academic qualifications do not satisfy the minimum entry requirements for admission to university study. The program has been designed to assess academic potential and to provide a realistic environment within which students can develop the skills to manage tertiary study effectively.

Satisfactory completion of the TAP provides you guaranteed admission to selected partner Colleges listed in this brochure. Prospective students should note that in addition to the TAP, other admissions criteria such as English language levels and any specialist pre-requisite subjects will need to be met.

The TAP is a recognised pre-university level course which provides students with an alternative pathway to a university degree. This program requires a trimester of full time study, and is designed to prepare students for university-level education in the areas of Business and Commerce first at the Navitas college of choice and then at that college’s partner university.